Amanda N. Simons (b. 1984, Flint Michigan, USA) is an artist, writer, educator, safety advocate, and kid whisper whose interdisciplinary art practice currently explores the intersections of queer identity and experience-based learning. This visual art practice takes the form of many things -- painting, print, small scale sculpture, performance, and video -- and often features an interactive component or direct reference to the body -- how we are taught to act or live or move, and what happens when we push against that? 

As a former carpentry instructor, mural painter, ice-cream scooper, English professor, caricature drawer, wedding dj, and bank employee, Amanda draws upon multiple lens to view the world, but enjoys often zooming in and obsessively looking out from just one angle: a couch, a wedding photo, a log, a job posting. 

Amanda holds dual degrees in English (BA) and painting (BFA) from the University of Michigan Flint, as well as dual advanced degrees in interdisciplinary studio art (MFA) and visual and critical studies (MA) from California College of the Arts. 

Amanda is currently an instructor and  of all things power tools, studio safety, design thinking, and failure-positive experimentation through a number of organizations including University of North Carolina Asheville, Wild Abundance, and Penland School of Craft. 





Amanda N. Simons is one-part of the artistic collaboration PeachyChickenPizzaBaby.